Hall of Fame 100 WAR Score Lineup

With all the buzz of today’s Hall of Fame announcement, Sports Padre takes a look at the very elite according to the sabermetrics community.

Looking at all of the current Hall of Fame members at Cooperstown that have a WAR score above 100 which tallied at 31 players and then we looked at their main position played during their historical baseball career.

Included at the bottom of our breakdown is one current active player that fell below the century mark last season and we hope that there is a bounce-back season for The Machine

Pitcher (WAR Score)
Cy Young (168.5) / RHP
Walter Johnson (165.6) / RHP
Roger Clemens (140.3) / RHP
Pete Alexander (120.0) / RHP
KId Nichols (116.5) / RHP
Tom Seaver (110.5) / RHP
Greg Maddux (106.9) / RHP
Lefty Grove (103.6) / LHP
Randy Johnson (102.1) / LHP
Christy Mathewson (101.7) / RHP
Warren Spahn (100.2) / LHP

First Base (WAR Score)
Stan Musial (128.1)
Lou Gehrig (112.4)

Second Base (WAR Score)
Rogers Hornsby (127.0)
Eddie Collins (123.9)
Nap Lajoie (107.4)
Joe Morgan (100.3)

Third Base (WAR Score)
Mike Schmidt (106.5)

Shortstop (WAR Score)
Honus Wagner (131.0)
Alex Rodriguez (117.7)

Left Field (WAR Score)
Barry Bonds (162.4)
Ted Williams (123.2)
Rickey Henderson (110.8)

Center Field (WAR Score)
Willie Mays (156.2)
Ty Cobb (151.1)
Tris Speaker (133.7)
Mickey Mantle (109.7)

Right Field (WAR Score)
Babe Ruth (183.7)
Hank Aaron (142.6)
Mel Ott (107.8)
Frank Robinson (107.2)

The one position that did not crack the century mark was catcher, they may make great managers but it’s very difficult to cash in on WAR when you are pretty much involved with over half of every pitch in the game.

The top signal-caller is of course Johnny Bench with a 75 WAR.

Best of luck this year to Angels 1B/DH Albert Pujols (99.4 WAR) as he attempts to bounce back from his first negative WAR season (-1.9) as he attempts to get into the Baseball WAR Century Club.

My lineup would look like this…

SS   Honus Wagner
2B   Rogers Hornsby
CF  Willie Mays
DH Babe Ruth
RF  Hank Aaron
LF   Barry Bonds
1B   Stan Musial
3B   Mike Schmidt
C    Johnny Bench

What would your lineup look like?