2018 Opening Day


Baseball season is back.

From back-to-back memorable World Series, true fans are left in a hazy of blah till we see our favorite team and players back on the diamond.

It always seems like an eternity for a new season to start and this past off-season took it to a new level of slowness, this years Hot Stove turned bitter cold and moved as fast as a Red Sox vs Yankees game.

But here we are. Finally.

Wondering what this year will bring, Sports Padre brings 27 things to think about this 2018 baseball season.

With no further ado, let’s get going like a game of pepper.

  1. Are the Astros poised for a three-peat run? Joining the elite A’s and Yankees dynasties.
  2. Mike Trout is healthy all year, wins another MVP award but not so certain on playoff appearance.
  3. Speaking of health. Barring any injuries, Bryce Harper challenges for the Triple Crown in his walk year.
  4. Not enough talk about a Joey Votto window, Reds are 46 games under .500 since 2012 and that 97 win season.
  5. Does Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge combine for 100 home runs for the Bronx Bombers?
  6. Clayton Kershaw starts season 65 innings shy of 2,000 career innings pitched, what will his evolution bring?
  7. Speaking of Dodgers, all those postseason games finally catch up. Could be a tough year for the Pantone 294 fans.
  8. Realistically, does Dan Duquette and Buck Showalter want to stay after this season? Bad ending.
  9. Last year 15 pitchers tossed over 200 innings, twenty years ago there was 43 that were called workhorses.
  10. If Charlie Blackmon inks a big contract there should be a Disney movie made for how he created his All-Star career.
  11. Can we begin a farewell tour this year and send the Rays to Montreal? Bring back the Expos, way overdue.
  12. Can Jerry Dipoto pull off four trades Opening Week? Golden Sombrero!
  13. The National League Central will be a three-team race and come down to the final day of the regular season!
  14. Albert Pujols needs just 32 hits to join the 3,000 Hit Club. Great career but painful to watch the last three years.
  15. I don’t think the NL East will be as easy this year, what “IF” all Met’s pitching fell into place? #Miracle
  16. Wish Jolly Roger flags were out every October for playoff baseball in Pittsburgh, no consistency.
  17. Speaking of the Pirates, I cannot stand the word “small market” so lets try “smart market” and see who is invited.
  18. The team doctor for the Blue Jays is waaaay underpaid, always working overtime.
  19. San Diego is a beautiful city but with another season of losing Padres activate coach Matt Stairs to increase team OBP.
  20. Would it be a WOW! moment if Manny Machado got a seven-year contract from the Marlins this fall?
  21. Will Giants start their rebuilding this year at the trade deadline or put off the inevitable one more year?
  22. Cubs seemed rested and hungry again but there is major pitching questions.
  23. On the South Side, White Sox could be sneaky surprising and possibly push .500 because of Tigers and Royals in their division.
  24. If Shohei Ohtani works minimum of six innings in 27 starts that is 162 IP. He has thrown a combined 165 innings over the last two years. #BeCareful
  25. Scott Boras quits baseball, transitions over to football were owners still over-pay.
  26. I still cannot find Baseball’s Unwritten Rules book on Amazon.
  27. Washington Nationals finally win the World Series!

Play Ball!